Happy Birthday, Zyhr Maiyah Kaesha! We love you princess! <3

My baby loves her shaved ice kembot hahahaha <3

And there she is, being beautiful.

The biglaan shot with the nabigla face. Hooray for my new glasses!! (I still miss the cracked one though)

My Meatloaf. AND NO, I’M NOT NAKED

Sizzling Beef Tapa

My cutie baby loves my cutie gift for her ;)

Wide awake. Still reading.

Forever 21 Top, Uniqlo Faded Pants, Nike Capri III Shoes, Envelope Bag. #OOTD

Can you please just stay at home and play with me? -Meatloaf

She waited until my exams were done :3 

(and there is my pimple, waiving to everyone.)

Casa Verde on a Monday Night :)

Drink, Dine and Billiards. ;)

Sister ko. Hahahaha

Massage, Jacuzzi, Sauna, Steam, Facial, and Eat-All-You-Can Date with the sexiest mommy in the world @ Wensha Spa in Timog. 

I love bonding with this woman :3

Because we both deserve thiiiiiiiiiiiis!!!