Home of the original Spicy Chicken Sandwich.

I love you Yangyang :)

Still here @ Turtles. Will upload more tomorrow!!

McSpicy, McDouble.
And ShakeShake fries of course.

Finally!! Thanks to my brothers for this Janoskis!!

Hi :)


Date with mama when we bought her outfit for her trip ;)


Made my night :”)


Jam a while ago. Cleaning our final song.

Ballerina Shoot (3 years ago.)

Avocado Ice Creaaaam

Yey! Thank you, mommy! :)

I feel so lazy to get up for work :(
Oh, hi Mommy

Okay so here’s the fact - You’re rich, yet people find you cheap…

Just so you know, it’s your personality that makes you trashy.

Money cannot buy taste sweetie.

Anonymous asked:
Nike girl ka ba?

Nike girl. Adidas. Greenhills. Divisoria. Kahit ano. Basta nasusuot. Hahahahahaha