Flashback Friday with my forever partner in everything ;)

"I’m fabulous." -Meatloaf

Maleeha’s 1st Birthday :)

I was trying to make a mirror shot but I guess, I’m too short. Bastos na salamin.

Throwback Photograph by Yours Truly. ©Racqui Birondo

Tiny Irie

Restday at work and classes are suspended due to strong winds and heavy rain. But still working on our family business here at condo. Keep safe and warm everyone!

Why do you have to be so adorable?

Happy Birthday, Zyhr Maiyah Kaesha! We love you princess! <3

My baby loves her shaved ice kembot hahahaha <3

And there she is, being beautiful.

The biglaan shot with the nabigla face. Hooray for my new glasses!! (I still miss the cracked one though)

My Meatloaf. AND NO, I’M NOT NAKED

Sizzling Beef Tapa

My cutie baby loves my cutie gift for her ;)