Sometimes there’re just some habits the we need to change to better ourselves.

Never sacrifice who you are just to make someone else happy and satisfied.

Rushing for school’s News Paper. Gaah. I hate this feeling. Under pressure.

Cheer up. Stand up. You’re not worth of this mess.

Eventually, one of the two things will happen. He’ll finally realize your worth it, or you’ll realize that he wasn’t.


How do you make a difference?

Alam natin na kapag may equation na:

x - y = z,

ang x ang minuend, ang y ay subtrahend, ang z ay difference. Ibig sabihin, x - y = z lang ang kailangan para masagot ang tanong sa itaas.

Kung ating titignan, in order to make a difference, you need to subtract. What does this mean? If you’re making a difference, you need to remove something from you, (it maybe laziness, pride, I don’t know…) Pero, kailangan merong matanggal sayo katulad ng subtrahend.

Siyempre, meron pa rin namang z sa formula. In short, may matitira pa rin kay x. Kaya dapat, meron pa ring matitira sayo (maybe your attitude, humility, or whatever).

So in order for you to make a difference (either good or bad), just remember, x - y = z. :)


My good friend, Renzo Flores

Ayoko ng reporting

Hindi dahil sa wala akong ma-report, o wala akong masabi. Ayoko lang talagang ginugugol yung oras ko sa pag tuturo ng bagay bagay. Okay lang sana kung English ang subject, kasi okay yu’n sa speaking skills. Eh kaso hindi eh. Hindi lulusot sa pananaw ko.

Nag babayad ako sa eskwelahan para matuto. Hindi para mag turo.

Today will never come again.



ENCOURAGE someone.

Take time to CARE.

Let your words HEAL, and not WOUND.

Everything in this world is not permanent. You just have to LOVE it while you HAVE it.

When you feel hurt and down, do not go to the one you love. Instead, go to the one who loves you. Then, feel and know the difference.

You must know your role in someone else’s life. Not just for you to put yourself in the right place, but for you to lessen your expectations.

STAY STRONG. Make them wonder why you are still smiling.

I feel dismayed and polluted with emotions that aren’t mine. If only I could tell my brain that.

You might not know this, But I’d go out of my way just to make sure that you’re okay.

I may regret the way we ended. But I’ll never regret what we had.