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19 years of being awesome.

19 years ago, my mom almost died just to brought me out into this wonderful world. I awe my life to you, mommy :)

Crazy and unforgettable things happened within that 19 years. Laughed out loud, cried so hard, broke into pieces, picked myself back again, dreamed, got high and a lot more. 

I made stupid decisions and I don’t regret anything. Who doesn’t, right?  I learned and that’s more important to me. 

To everyone whom I shared my life with, thank you so much for your unending patience and understanding my tantrums and wild trips. For accepting me for who I am.. For loving me unconditionally. 

To Papa God, thank you for the abundant and over flowing blessings. Thank you for loving and forgiving me even though I don’t deserve it anymore. You really amaze me, Father. I love you so much. :*

Happy April 4th, Everyone! (Happy Birthday na rin kay Samantha na ka birthday ko. At syempre kay Rhadson din. Happy Birthday, macho! :D)

I can still remember the time when you are still inside of your mommy’s tummy. I was taking my SOL 1 then. Then when you came out, happiness overflowed the lives of everyone. I used to teach you in Sunday school at church and you’re my favorite student! (because I love it when you kiss me everytime you see me.) I treat you not just my student but my little sister as well.

Now you turn 3, I declare blessings into your life. I know you will grow closer to the Lord. I love you, Aaliyah Faith! God knows how I miss you so much!

Everyday, I’m getting more determined to keep on reaching my dreams by the influence of the people around me and the things that are happening.. Haay. Thank you Lord. You really do amaze me. :)

Lord and I dated a while ago. And it so refreshing. :3

Lord and I dated a while ago. And it so refreshing. :3

I am loved, honored, and treasured by Jesus and nothing will ever change that for I am precious in His eyes.. and so are you. Good morning :)

Oh God let us be a generation that seeks, who seeks your face, oh God of Jacob. <3

You may have difficulty understanding how God can love you.. But no matter what you’ve done in the past, no matter what hurts you have endured, He will heal you with His love if you accept Him. Trust in God so that even if your hardships remain, your mind and heart will be at peace through that season. Again, take it one day at a time, and you will come through these challenges. :)

Ang boses ko, parang Life…

…Ang daming ups and downs. HAHAHAHAHA. K.

I love you, Lord! 

Wise people loves to be corrected. So if you’re pissed and irritated when your actions are being eyed, Congratulations, you are indeed a stupid asshole. 

Whenever we are faced with huge problems, we tend to TALK a lot, THINK a lot, and COMPLAIN a lot.

One instruction of the Lord, Learn to TRUST HIM and SHUT UP.

Learn to thank God in ALL circumstances!

Even if life gets crazy, learn to say, "The LORD is good!". Learn to use your POWER!

Selfishness limits your overflow! If you want to be filled, EMPTY YOURSELF!

The most intelligent thing you can do in this life is to surrender yourself to God.

When God blesses you, you are responsible to testify His goodness. Keeping silent about what He has done in your life is an INSULT to God.