Good Grades.

Descent Work.

Awesome Family.

Lovable and Caring Partner.

Great Friends.

Tight relationship with God. 

Financially Okay.


Noong mga nakaraang months, sunod sunod na blessing yung dumarating sa buhay ko. You know, I’m back to school and my grades are high, I’m performing great at office, WE are getting stronger and stronger, My family is now back on being financially stable, I’m healthy, all my love ones are healthy, Bad things from the past are settled, everyone is stooping down and so do I, and my relationship now with God is very invincible. 

Haaay. He is really good on managing my life :)

Anonymous asked:
God bless mo mukha mo hindi ginawa ng Diyos ang babae para magdilaan ng pepe tanga

Excuse me dear, being a lesbian is not just about that. That’s a big insult to the LGBT community.

(By the way, to translate what this person said, she said, “God bless your face. God didn’t made girls just to be liked by another girl in your private part)

Being a Lesbian is loving someone who has the same sexual preference as yours. It’s not just about the things that you think. Yes, Lord didn’t made Eve for another Eve or Adam for Steve. God looks inside of someone’s heart, if it’s pure or what. It’s not about the physical actions or the emotional out burst.

Before you call me stupid, please make sure that you are smart enough to know what you’re saying. Again, God bless you. Have a good night. :)

If His grace is an ocean, we’re all sinking. <3

The moment we sang Mighty to Save was the most fur bearing moment during the Hillsong Concert. Hallelujah <3

(Medyo throwback)

Jeremiah 29:11

"For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future." 

So… these are my family’s response to my post regarding my recognition at office, when I posted my drawings, and when I made a status testifying my current Christian life. I am truly blessed to have them. <3 

Well, here’s my story. 

My work starts at 4am to 1pm, then my school starts at 3pm to 8:30 pm. Every time I got home, I do my devotions even though I’m dead tired. You know why? Because God’s words are my vitamins to keep me going, and that is where I get the right wisdom. 

Don’t think that I don’t have social life. Of course I have! I still have time to have a coffee or tea time with my friends, go at the parlor with my mom, go on a date with my special someone, etc. My responsibilities didn’t stop me to live my life. Instead, it helped me to LIVE MY LIFE!

Again guys, just to give you something to think about, Don’t let anyone stop you on doing what you love, what you like, and what is right.. To do what you supposed to do. As long as you don’t ruin someone else’s life? Go ahead. Explore. Don’t be afraid to take the adventures of life. ;) 

On the way to work..

Pag kagising ko kanina, I feel so determined na pumasok sa trabaho. Lord, keep this feeling hanggang mamaya sa school. 

P.S, thank you mommy sa pag prepare ng baon at mga damit koooo! Labyu! Yiiie 

Church Day with little one.

 Otw to Destiny Church, UPD :) 

Amen, Amen, and AMEN! :)

 |  Part of Wall Mural for upcoming Sunday Anniv Celebration. 

Happy Anniversary to the place which I call my second home.. Happy Anniversary, Gateway Community Church! :)

And to all Gateway-ers, You guys are awesome!! You never failed on making Him proud :) 

No, 420 is not that big deal.. Easter Sunday is. Go to church, attend the mass, thank God for He died at the cross for the unending salvation, and shout in praise because this is the day He rose again. 

So flick that weed away. Stop baking brownies for now.

Everyday, I’m getting more determined to keep on reaching my dreams by the influence of the people around me and the things that are happening.. Haay. Thank you Lord. You really do amaze me. :)

Lord and I dated a while ago. And it so refreshing. :3

I am loved, honored, and treasured by Jesus and nothing will ever change that for I am precious in His eyes.. and so are you. Good morning :)

Oh God let us be a generation that seeks, who seeks your face, oh God of Jacob. <3